13 noviembre 2006


I received this email, a spam-mail, today. Attached there was a picture with what they were offering. The gmail filter did not intercept it. Why? How did they managed to avoid it? Look at the text. Is funny:

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rotating disk that fills the display volume, creating a surface filters; these can all be used to create a false image - one my grandfather are uncovering significant, formerly obscure,

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Anónimo dijo...

Hola! Nice to hear that you're still well and alive... you know i can understand almost everything (well.. not EVERYTHING) of your blog... he empiezado estudiar espanol, pero para decir la verdad no lo hablo todavia. A lo mejor me entiendes? besos, si quieres mi podras enviar e-mail, venla1@tosikiva.net, I was sad when we didnt change addresses when you left...! You must know that... =) jeijei, besos, Venla (debes recordarme, no?)