17 diciembre 2006

Digging holes in a firewall

Introduction article. Very useful for those who have problems establishing connection through computers across the Internet:

Tunneling in Skype

05 diciembre 2006

Contraste Verano Invierno en Finlandia

Fotos tomadas en el lago que había detrás de mi casa. Las fotos de verano fueron tomadas el 31 de Agosto de 2005. Las fotos de invierno, el 4 de Febrero del año siguiente.

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04 diciembre 2006

Con dos cojones; ¡A por ellos!

Foto de servilleta en un bar de Granada durante el verano.

Ya sabeis; Mundial de futbol. Posted by Picasa

03 diciembre 2006

Old Version

This site can be very useful for many people. Contains a list of old versions of most popular software.

Who would like to install an old version? Of course, people with old machines. But there are others cases; For example, people who install the latest version of BS Player and discover that it comes with a program that present you spam on the screen, and can not be unistalled until you unistall BS Player and all other programs that use it.

Another example: Do you remember Winamp 3?

P.S.: BS Player is EVIL.