26 febrero 2007

Buena Vista

I installed the business edition of Windows Vista in my laptop. You might think that is incredible, but, believe me, the world didn't end. Moreover (and after read that, you might not want to be my friend anymore), I LIKE IT!

Yes, I like it. I upgraded from my previous version, Windows XP Home, and I almost did not have any problem with drivers. I feel the computer softer, more secure, and easier to use. Really, I am not just another marketing product of Microsoft.

Why people are so disappointed with Vista, then? I can give you two reason:

  1. Is a Microsoft product, and we all know that Microsoft is evil, by definition... Don't we?
  2. A great change in the user experience was expected, thorough only a small change was performed.

In fact, regarding the user interface, there are only few features added that were not available to use in XP, with Google Desktop or Windows Desktop Search. But those tools, correctly used, are quite, quite useful.
Join those tools, quite well integrated in the OS, with the stability of the last Windows Server version, and you have the good operating system of witch I am speaking about.

But am not gonna buy the new Windows, just for those sweeties... And also I am not going to be able to execute it on my machine, 'cos Vista requires more resources than I have...

So what? Do not do it. Did you do it when XP was launched? (I was still running Windows 95 R2) Of course, Vista is worth to run only in new computers. And when you change, and it will be soon (around three years), you will probably buy Vista as well (of course you can avoid it, if you want). Then you will be running a nicer OS than XP.

The point is that much more, a conceptual revolution, was expected. And Microsoft gave us just an OS on the wave, fashionable, but predictable if you are well aware of the current state of the art. Nothing really new. Too much for five years of waiting.

So, if you want to know about what have happened with this revolution that was lost on the way here, I recommend you to read this blog and this entry, that I found somehow quite interesting.